Observing Iridium

Apologies to last night’s observers for predicting the two iridium satellites that failed to appear. Still not sure why but most probably the low angle, 16°. I ‘mistook’ on the direction – it was NE not NNE but you would have thought that was near enough for a -2.8 mag.

2 thoughts on “Observing Iridium

  1. There’s quite a high horizon to the NE of the observing site Eddie, which helps to protect us from Kendal’s urban glow. I don’t know whether it’s elevated to 16° but we were probably looking far too high.

    Good idea to check for Iridium flares before an observing evening though, as they are always an interesting feature of the night sky. Looks like you might have appointed yourself Chief Iridium-checker 🙂

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