Aurora possible tonight…?

Now, as usual, NO PROMISES but it ***might*** be worth keeping an eye on the northern sky after dark tonight, because there’s a chance we might be able to see the aurora tonight. Absolutely no guarantees, I’m not saying it WILL happen, just giving everyone a heads-up that it’s a possibility. So, after dark, look north, and if you see a green glow, or even pale pink/violet rays, get to a better observing place if you can.

We were lucky enough to see the big “Mothers Day Aurora” from the Kielder starcamp, and I’ll show photos at the next meeting. Just be aware tho, that wen it comes to displays of the northern lights the camera does lie in fact it lies through its back teeth, exaggerating and enhancing subtle shades and hues to make even a modest display look like a drug-induced psychedelic hallucination. This will show you what my camera picked up on Saturday night, compared to what it actually looked like to the naked eye…


And here you can see, from L to R, camera view, processed view and naked eye…


Good luck everyone!


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