Eddington AS May Meeting


Another hugely enjoyable meeting of the Eddington Astronomical Society of Kendal at Kendal Museum last night! After a round up of space and astronomy news by EAS Secretary Stuart Atkinson, and a brief talk on “Spring Galaxies” by EAS Treasurer Simon White, which was illustrated with many of Simon’s own beautiful images, Eddington Astronomical Society of Kendal members were treated to a fascinating talk by a very special guest speaker, amateur astronomer, astro-photographer, Outreacher and light pollution campaigner ROBERT INCE.


During his very enjoyable talk, Robert – who has had his work published in ASTRONOMY NOW magazine, and is a well-known face at star parties around the country – explained and showed how amateurs, using modest equipment and cheap or even free software, can take images of the night sky and use them to look for and identify comets, asteroids, supernovae and more.


I’m sure that as soon as we get a decent run of clear nights (don’t laugh!) many EAS members will be aiming their cameras at the sky and tracking down some of the objects Robert told us about!

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