Moonwatch 8th March 2014

An unexpectedly successful Moonwatch at the Brewery Arts Centre. After all the cloudy skies we have had recently, we struck lucky on Saturday night and the Moon and Jupiter were clearly visible, high in the sky. There was a little high cloud, but nothing to matter.

We had five telescopes available, and a steady trickle of hopeful skywatchers, maybe 50-60 over the two hours. Having gazed at the Moon and said “wow!”, “ooh!” etc, people were then very keen to see Jupiter as well. As the evening went on, the sky cleared a little and it was easy to see the bands on Jupiter and all four large moons. A few of the more eager skywatchers asked to see Saturn and Mars next, and we had to explain that half the sky is actually hidden behind the earth at any one time. Turns out you can’t do this without waving your arms around like a helicopter!

Liz Hodgson