Now that was a challenge…

When I wrote that the Night Sky in March would include a “big sky” view of Jupiter’s highest point, I thought at the time that it would be a fun challenge.


The cloudy forecast for the 13th meant that I had to take up the challenge a couple of days early, so Jupiter wasn’t quite as high and the Moon was a bit more central than I would have liked. Anyway, here’s how the evening turned out.

Jupiter with a webcam

As I can’t add an image in a comment, I’ve had to do it here instead. I took loads of videos using my 8″ and a Philips SPC900NC webcam [plus IR/UV filter and Baader Neodymium contrast filter] from outside my front door in central Kendal on Monday evening. So far I’ve only had time to process one – so here it is. Io is visible at 4-o-clock about 1 Jupiter diameter away. JupiterWC_0010 and Io 2034 Mar 10

Really pleased with this. 300 frames stacked in Registax. Image taken 20:34, 10th March 2014. Jupiter’s north pole is at approximately 7-o-clock.

Ian Bradley