2015 Diary

List of Meetings and Events in 2015


  • Meeting 7pm Monday 5th at Kendal Museum: 2015 – “The Year Ahead”
  • PlanetWatch 5pm Thursday 22nd at Kendal Castle


  • Meeting 7pm Monday 2nd at Kendal Museum: Megan Argo of Jodrell Bank “Look ahead to DAWN arrival at CERES”
  • MoonWatch Saturday 21st at Brewery Arts Centre
  • Observing Night Friday 27th. Venue to be confirmed.


  • Meeting 7pm Monday 2nd at Kendal Museum: AGM and First CERES results
  • Partial Solar Eclipse morning of Friday 20th
  • Observing Night Friday 27th. ** HELSINGTON CHURCH ** 8pm onwards


  • Meeting 7pm Monday 13th at Kendal Museum: Dr Philippa Browning “The Sun”
  • MoonWatch Friday 24th at Brewery Arts Centre 7.30pm onwards


  • PlanetWatch 9.30pm Thursday 7th at Kendal Castle OR Helsington Church, whichever you prefer 🙂
  • Meeting 7pm Monday 11th at Kendal Museum: Robert Ince (Topic to be confirmed)
  • Observing Night Friday 29th. HELSINGTON CHURCH from 10pm, to observe Jupiter and Venus.


  • Meeting 7pm Monday 1st at Kendal Museum: Members Projects, “Guide to NLC” and “How we measured the Universe” – illustrated talk by Simon White
  • Camping Weekend to observe noctilucent clouds (NLC) Sat 13th/Sun 14th
  • PlanetWatch 10.30pm Saturday 20th at Helsington Church or Kendal Castle (you choose!)


  • PlanetWatch 9.30pm Wednesday 1st at Kendal Castle
  • Meeting 7pm Monday 6th at Kendal Museum – special meeting *open to the public*:   News Round-up, followed by a chance for people to see members’ telescopes and equipment. After the break: “PLUTO REVEALED” – an illustrated talk.


  • Meeting 7pm Monday 3rd at Kendal Museum: Speaker to be confirmed
  • Perseid Watch Wednesday 12th Venue to be confirmed
  • Sun and Moon Day Saturday 22nd at Brewery Arts Centre THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE
  • Observing Night Friday 28th. Venue to be confirmed.


  • Meeting 7pm Monday 7th at Kendal Museum: Beginners Night
  • Observing Night Friday 25th. Venue to be confirmed.
  • Total Lunar Eclipse 2am Monday 28th


  • Meeting 7pm Monday Oct 5th at Kendal Museum: Mars et al
  • Observing Night Friday 30th. Venue to be confirmed.


  • Meeting 7pm Monday 2nd at Kendal Museum: Nick Howes (confirmed)
  • MoonWatch 6pm Saturday 21st (venue TBC) Cancelled due to weather


  • “Dark Sky Safari” Observing Night  Friday Dec 4th at ORTON SCAR from 6pm Cancelled due to weather
  • Meeting 7pm Monday 7th at Kendal Museum: Christmas Social Night and Quiz
  • Geminid Watch Saturday 12th. OLD HUTTON CHURCH CAR PARK from 8pm