Vesta and Ceres meet in the sky…

Saturday night Stella and I headed up to Helsington Church to try and catch two asteroids (well, strictly speaking one asteroid and one “dwarf planet”) meeting in the evening sky. EAS Treasurer Simon White was already there, set up with his telescope and camera gear, and we had to wait a while for the sky to darken enough to track down our prey, but eventually we did…

ceres vesta wide s

vesta ceres wide s

ceres vesta july 5 2014

Not very dramatic, I know, but a shot I really wanted to take 🙂

I also tried some shots of the Milky Way, but the light pollution from Lancaster ruined the effect… really can’t wait to get to a proper dark sky again…

m way ss

Heavens Above Podcast – June 2014


Just a quick note to say that the June edition of the Heavens Above Astronomy Podcast is now available, featuring Dan Beale, John Pye, Stuart Atkinson and making her Podcast Debut this month Carol Grayson, we also include an interview with our special guest speaker from this months meeting Prof Lionel Wilson

In this months episode, we talk about viewing Saturn, Mars, Jupiter & The Moon, and the conjunctions that are taking place in the next few days. We also give the best advice for looking at NLC & Carol talks about Lunar X & Lunar V that she talked about in the previous months talk.

There are several ways to listen to our podcast,

You can listen on iTunes using this link:

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Or you can listen on our website using the online player using this link:

Thanks – Dan