Two new nova visible

A couple of Japanese have found two new novae in the past few days. Both are round about magnitude 10 so a 60 mm plus telescope will be require to see them.

NOVA SCO 2014: in Scorpius,

magnitude 10.1, coordinates R.A. 17 15 46.83 Dec. -31 28 30.3 (2000.0).

This will be very difficult as it skirts the southern horizon at 0530 rising to a maximum altitude of about 4 degrees! Probably rather optimistic from Kendal!

A  much more realistic observational possibility is

NOVA CYG 2014: in Cygnus,

magnitude 10.9, coordinates: R.A. 20 21 42.32, Decl. +31 03 29.4 (2000.0).

At 5am, this is 45 degrees above the horizon in the north-east. Although it rises around 22:30, it too skirts the horizon rising to 11 degrees by 1am. Definitely an early morning project.

Finder charts with comparison star sequences may be created using the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter (VSP) at

Ian B