Aurora was visible from Kendal area on 28th February

The aurora was visible from Kendal last week despite Graham missing it! I picked up the aurorawatch text message alert through their twitter site, as my phone is most decidedly dumb, at around 9pm. I grabbed a camera and dragged Liz out and headed up to Shap summit to get somewhere a bit darker… The aurora was visible from Mealbank on the northern Kendal outskirts but appeared to be fading by the time we were at Shap. Not the best site as too much traffic. Quite a few other people clearly had the same idea… any EAS members? Sadly cloud rolled in from the south shortly after we arrived. Anyway, I took a few images but they aren’t great. No sign of any red colouration, just the light pollution from Penrith and I guess Carlisle. The first was taken just as we arrived… having made every possible mistake in the book – poor focus, overlong exposure, not fully wide angle and lens not at smallest f-number – oh well.


Then the cloud rolled in but I managed another shot nicely framed by the pylons…


Ian Bradley