Sky Notes for November 2019

Transit of Mercury from on Monday 11th November

Given observing weather, the society will hold a public observing session from Midday to sunset on the Abbot Hall Recreation Ground, Kendal from 12:35 to sunset at 16:15 (the last contact will be over an hour later).

Mercury will “transit” the Sun on Monday, November 11 2019. NASA

Two meteor showers this month

  • The Northern Taurids arising from comet 2P/Encke can occur infrequently in any part of the sky until the 20th.
  • The Leonids arising from when the comet, 55P/Temple-Tuttle passes close to the Sun reach a sharp maximum on the night of Sunday 17th. Leonids can be spectacular, the record of 3,000/hour on a 33-year cycle, but his year the moonlight will reduce the proportion visible.

The planets

Venus is still visible in the twilight immediately after dusk with Jupiter higher and Saturn above Jupiter in a line.

Between Taurus and Pegasus in the constellation of Aires,  Uranus rises higher through the night. At magnitude 5.7  the blue (some say) planet should be visible through binoculars given a dark sky.

Track of Uranus early November 2019.

Deep Sky Objects

During these November dark evenings the Double Cluster between Cassiopia and Persius is well placed and the eclipsing binary Algol that drops from magnitude 2.2 to 3.45 every 3 days.

See also Ian Morison’s Night Sky this Month on the Jodrell Bank site.


Boundary Bank where we meet (click to enlarge)

Next Observing Evening

Please volunteer.

We need members to organise one or more Observing evening.

The next Proposed observing Evenings

Watch here for updates as the weather conditions dictate when we can meet for an evening of observing. The Traffic Light System:
  1. When the forecast looks feasible and an organiser is available the text here will give a proposed date and change from red to amber.
  2. On the proposed afternoon, if and when the observing session is confirmed (by 4:30PM), the text will confirm the time and change from amber to green.
DO NOT TURN OUT IF THIS TEXT IS OTHER THAN GREEN, as there won’t be anyone there!