Sky Notes and next Observing Evening

February is one of the best months for the constellation of Orion, which reaches its highest point above the southern horizon at about nine o’clock.  Perfect for a nice easy stargazing evening!

What else is around in February?

7pm on February 1st, the Moon rises right next to Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation of Leo.  Both will be visible above the local horizon at about half past six in the evening.

On the 7th and 8th, the Moon passes close to Jupiter.  About 7am, before sunrise, look slightly west of south to find them.  Mars will be alongside too.  Set the alarm clock earlier for darker skies!

On the 23rd, at sunset (17:35) look for the Moon just east of south.  within the next few minutes, Aldebaran, the brightest star in Taurus, will have emerged from behind the Moon.

Don’t forget to look at Ian Morison’s Sky Notes on the Jodrell Bank website.


Boundary Bank where we meet (click to enlarge)

 Update Tuesday 6th February:

Given the conditions underfoot and the very cold temperature heading our way, I don’t feel comfortable calling an Observing Evening tonight.  Let’s wait for the next weather window after the weekend.

Tuesday now looks better than Wednesday, but -9°C.  Let’s discuss at the EAS meeting.

Wednesday 7th February looks very promising.  Full darkness is at 7pm.  Check back here regularly for further updates and I’ll announce on Monday too.

Night sky this month, 7pm from Kendal.   Chart: SkySafari 5