Sky Notes and next Observing Evening

The nights are already shorter with the advent of BST, and by the end of the month full darkness will not be seen until after 11.30pm.

The good news for galaxy watchers is that Ursa Major, home to many of the best observed galaxies in our skies, is directly overhead.  Clear skies will bring great opportunities for observation nd photography.

In the southern half of the sky, Leo and Virgo are at prime position, with a wealth of galaxies there too.  

Jupiter is approaching opposition, so it rises with the sunset and is visible all night long, magnitude -2.4, in the constellation of Libra.

Venus is shining brightly (magnitude -3.9) after sunset, and will be close to the Pleiades in the last week of the month.

Don’t forget to look at Ian Morison’s Sky Notes on the Jodrell Bank website.

The night sky at end of astronomical twilight on 15th April, New Moon. Click to enlarge…


  • Date: Unlikely in April, announcement at April’s EAS meeting