Sky Notes and next Observing Evening

July is going to be another month for observing planets.  After sunset, the planets Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are arranged across the sky, with Mars rising later in the evening.

The key event this month is the total eclipse of the Moon.  The Moon will rise on the 27th at about 8.45pm already in total eclipse, and will emerge from the Earth’s shadow during the late evening.

On the same evening, Mars reaches opposition and will be a prime target for naked eye, binoculars and telescopes large and small.

Full details of the eclipse can be found on Fred Espenak’s excellent “Mr Eclipse” site, with a page full of tips on eclipse photography.

Don’t forget to look at Ian Morison’s Sky Notes on the Jodrell Bank website.

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  • Date: no more organised observing evenings until darkness descends on Kendal once again… say October.