Sky Notes for June 2019

Until late August the sky remains in the twilight throughout the night in Kendal. Nonetheless, the Ursa Major constellation (The Plough) remains almost directly overhead above where you may be able to observe the galaxies M81 and M82.

For the conjunctions of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn with the Moon and details of the Red Spot visibility times see See also Ian Morison’s Night Sky this Month on the Jodrell Bank site.


Boundary Bank where we meet (click to enlarge)

Next Observing Evening

Please volunteer.

We need members to organise one or more Observing evening.

The next Proposed observing Evenings

Watch here for updates as the weather conditions dictate when we can meet for an evening of observing. The Traffic Light System:
  1. When the forecast looks feasible and an organiser is available the text here will give a proposed date and change from red to amber.
  2. On the proposed afternoon, if and when the observing session is confirmed (by 4:30PM), the text will confirm the time and change from amber to green.
DO NOT TURN OUT IF THIS TEXT IS OTHER THAN GREEN, as there won’t be anyone there!