EAS Members and Guests – Observing Evenings:

Date, time, place:

Boundary Bank

  • Thursday March 23rd 
  • 8.30pm.
  • Boundary Bank Lane 


Clear skies!  Let’s go observing tonight. Full darkness is at 8.30 so I’ll be there from about 8pm.  

With an early start tomorrow, I won’t want this to be a late session, but if we get a good hour or so and catch the major targets of the season, that’ll suit me.  If it suits you too, come and join us.

Bring your scope if you can, and wrap up warm.

In the southern half of the sky, the winter constellations of Perseus and Taurus are starting to fade to the west, but remain easily visible between 30° and 60° elevation.  Orion is just passing its transit at the start of darkness and still very watchable. Gemini and Cancer are approaching best, with Leo just behind.

A couple of comets are also in the sky and might be visible in larger aperture telescopes.


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