Best photogaphs of the year so far

Here’s a round up of my photography’s from 2016 – January to July.

30 mins in 2015 and 30 mins in 2016 – Kendal Golf Course

Moon Watch at the Brewery

The Langdales in Winter

The Langdales in Winter

Ratherheath Tarn Long Star Trails using the 8mm Fisheye

Some of the Moon

Aurora from Shap

Slight Aurora using the 8mm Fisheye

Wet Sleddale Reservoir

Slight Aurora using the 8mm Fisheye

Wet Sleddale Reservoir

Arnside using the 10mm

Mercury transit from my house.

Move to come over the next few months 🙂

Now that it’s getting darker, back to star trails.

With the nights being really light during summer my nocturnal activities have been minimal. Now that the nights are slowly getting darker and are still warm, I’ve got back into taking star trails.

They are pretty easy to create with just as much time spent outside as in front of the computer editing them to be clear of plane trails.

If you would like to know more about how to create star trails, I have an app on the Apple/Android store. Or you can simply come and talk to me. I’m going to be heading out when the right time happens again, if you want to head out and do them then also let me know.

Unfortunately I missed out on the Astro Photography meeting, but was unaware it was happening until that night. I’d be happy to collaborate on the next one with the skills I have to offer.

So here’s my latest photographs, the first taken at the little church at Crook with a full moon and the last taken at the Mushroom on Scout Scar looking south.

Thanks James.



Star Trails to bring in the new year!

The 2015 new years eve was a different one for me, with most people busy doing other things I set out a plan of my own.

The aurora was a hot topic on social media, which I found out from SpaceWeatherLive and finding out that it was cloud free from the BBC, lead me to head out to one local high spots to see it all happen.

In doing so both were accurate, there was well over 31 places with fireworks after the clock stuck 12. During so was my timelapse, half in 2015 and half in 2016.

Happy New Year, James.


Aurora – 7th of October 2015

I’ve not seen many posts on here for a while so though it would be best to contribute and hope that others continue to do so as well.

Sharing a few photographs of the strong Aurora that came visible to Kendal on the 7th of October 2015.

I heard about a Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun heading for us and it was a big one! So following the Aurora Watch UK iOS app, worked out that I needed to be on top of a hill with a good dark area to see it so I headed up onto the Golf Course. Straight away I could see it, a super long arc of green so I posted to the social networks in hope that others could see it as well.

Setting up my camera I had a good eye for a nice star trails shot.

One of my friends made it up to the golf course as well in time to see the Aurora dance, so beautiful to see with eyes instead of the camera. Hoping to see it again soon.

Here’s a few photographs from the night and a time-lapse video as well.

Thanks James






Very high ISO’s

Last week I bought a new camera, it’s the Canon 7D Mark II and it’s got ISO’s like i’ve not seen before. So last night the sky was clear so I bagged some locations that could be found in the EAST sky.

The images are black and white as I had not got the correct white balance set up.

Apologies for not being at the astro meetings, the last few months have been really busy. I hope to get back and find out about what’s to look out for in the night sky. It would be good to go aurora and comet watching this winter.

Andromeda Galaxy ISO 16000

Pleiades ISO 16000

Orion Nebula ISO 8000

My friend has created an iPhone App you might find useful Astro Locator

NLC from Kendal Fell

Thanks for the tip off on twitter from Stuart I managed to not go to bed for another hour and got out to photograph the NLC that was around and bright for a little while, missing out on  the last big outburst I though it was about time to try and get something good!

8.0 sec at f/5.6, ISO 100 (lightroom exposure +1.09)

8.0 sec at f/4.5, ISO 100 (lightroom exposure +1.09)

Pre shoot checklist:

  • tripod + mount
  • set filetype to raw, for colour adjustments
  • set white balance to Fluorescent – or raw correction in post
  • turn off Image Stabilisation
  • start with settings: 8.0 sec at f/4.5, ISO 100

Hopefully on the next clear sky I’ll get out again and hope the display is bigger.