Now that it’s getting darker, back to star trails.

With the nights being really light during summer my nocturnal activities have been minimal. Now that the nights are slowly getting darker and are still warm, I’ve got back into taking star trails.

They are pretty easy to create with just as much time spent outside as in front of the computer editing them to be clear of plane trails.

If you would like to know more about how to create star trails, I have an app on the Apple/Android store. Or you can simply come and talk to me. I’m going to be heading out when the right time happens again, if you want to head out and do them then also let me know.

Unfortunately I missed out on the Astro Photography meeting, but was unaware it was happening until that night. I’d be happy to collaborate on the next one with the skills I have to offer.

So here’s my latest photographs, the first taken at the little church at Crook with a full moon and the last taken at the Mushroom on Scout Scar looking south.

Thanks James.



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