Very high ISO’s

Last week I bought a new camera, it’s the Canon 7D Mark II and it’s got ISO’s like i’ve not seen before. So last night the sky was clear so I bagged some locations that could be found in the EAST sky.

The images are black and white as I had not got the correct white balance set up.

Apologies for not being at the astro meetings, the last few months have been really busy. I hope to get back and find out about what’s to look out for in the night sky. It would be good to go aurora and comet watching this winter.

Andromeda Galaxy ISO 16000

Pleiades ISO 16000

Orion Nebula ISO 8000

My friend has created an iPhone App you might find useful Astro Locator

4 thoughts on “Very high ISO’s

  1. Jealous! 10x more than my poor old camera can manage. What sort of exposure were these? And what was the noise level like? Could you post a small sample fro one of these at full resolution un-compressed? I would be very interested to see. Ian

  2. Amazing James – 2 seconds @f2.8 with a 200mm lens and you are picking up the nebulosity in M45. I’m not only jealous but also quite sick! It takes me 100+ seconds to get that.
    Interesting that there is quite a lot of [I guess] coma on the right hand side of each image in mainly the top right corners. Surprised that isn’t true at all the other extremities of each image too.

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