Northern Lights

I’ve just returned from Iceland where we were lucky enough to have a couple of clear nights with quite active aurora display. The whole sky was lit up with the aurora but not quite as vivid as in the photos. We were staying near Hella in southern Iceland and took these photos between 11pm on Saturday 15th and 2 am Sunday morning.

I was using a Nikon D7000 with an 18 mm lens set at 1600 ISO; F4.0 and exposed for 15 seconds.
Much of the time the aurora was moving so it was impossible to get a crisp image but I was pleased that the stars in the background are quite sharp.

I’ve not yet had time to tweak the images – this will have to wait for a wet day.
I can thoroughly recommend a visit to Iceland as it’s a fascinating country and very welcoming.

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  1. Nice – hopefully we’ll see more next meeting. Like you, I found Iceland fascinating even when aurora weren’t visible… I want to go back again!

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