NLCs shine over Kendal

The 2014 NLC Season is now at its half way point, and although we’ve missed some because of the weather (same old story, I know) there have been a couple of pretty good displays visible from Kendal, which I managed to get photos of from the Castle. First, a display seen June 19/20th…


waves sm


Then we had a display the other night, July 6/7th… which was spectacular from further north, and the east, but from here in Kendal my view was ruined by lingering cloud (which followed the NLC as it drifted east!!)…





…and I had a fleeting moment of fame when the “Good Morning Britan” weather presenter, Laura Tobin, retweeted one of my pics to all her Followers and recommended my NLC blog page, too…


Hopefully there are a few more good displays to come between now and the end of the month, but oh, the weather has to buck its ideas up…!!!

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